Fighting cancer with AI

November 10, 2023 from 11:45 to 12:10

Speaker: Hylke Donker

AI is revolutionising how we do science. AI excels at synthesising disparate components into holistic representations while accounting for the fuzziness of daily life.

These aspects make AI a perfect candidate for analysing the book of life. This talk showcases how unsupervised learning can be used to disentangle the mutation patterns in cancer. Here, quantifying uncertainty is key. The biological insights into the cancer’s unique fingerprint can help doctors diagnose and tailor cancer treatment to the patient.

I’Il explain how these unsupervised methods can be used more broadly to uncover hidden patterns in the data. Finally, a brief primer is given how to practically apply these methods in Python.

Hylke is a data scientist in the bio-statistics group at University Medical Centre Groningen. He works both on method development and application, in particular to cancer.