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The AI tech event for software professionals

aiGrunn is the open source AI conference in Groningen where software developers meet to learn how to develop, use and apply AI. In their own work and in the products they are building. It is a day full of inspiring talks and in-depth technical sessions.

AI ~ For developers that…

Work on AI

Innovation in AI is accelerating and so are the technological challenges. Learn about the latest innovations in building AI from the experts. aiGrunn will bring knowledge and people together.

boost your productivity

AI haralds a new era for the software development profession.  Whether it is generating code, writing tests or analyzing data. aiGrunn speakers will inspire with best use cases and how to get started.

Integrate AI

But how do you add AI to the products you are building? Learn from the experts! aiGrunn will present best practices and .

What you can expect

A lively day full of technical inspiration

Visiting our tech event will provide you with new insights, ideas, inspiration and friends. It’s an excellent way to stay connected, learn, and be a part of the vibrant AI tech community.

aiGrunn is an open source and non-commercial tech event. It’s organized by and for developers. Sponsors keep the ticketprice as low as possible.


Here is a preview of the speakers and their topics. The full list and the schedule will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Jonathan AlexanderData Versioning for Machine Learning Practitioners

Wijnand Karsens – My AI Remote Worker is coming to life

Arjan Egges – Learntail: turn anything into a quiz using AI

Bram de Wit – Small and practical AI models for CO2 reduction in buildings

Jan Salvador van der Ven and Jeroen van de Nieuwenhof – Can generative AI help us make texts more understandable? Lessons learned from Tolkie

Ashwin Vaidya – Anomalib: An open source deep learning library for anomaly detection

Emil Loer – Real-time speech recognition: best practices for scale and performance

Daniël de Kok & Madeeswaran Kannan – State-of-the-Art Transformer Pipelines in spaCy

Sven Vintges – Building a chatbot for a specific domain

Henk Boelman – Mastering LLM-Based AI Applications: A Deep Dive into Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow

Nina Vielen-Kallio & Saikat Chatterjee – AI as part of impact driven business

Frederieke Scheper – Pair programming with GitHub Copilot

Henry Bol – Be a Better Developer with AI

Arend Top & Rix Groenboom – Testing with chatGPT checkers

JP van Oosten – Thinking outside the chat box

Not just talks

Besides talks there will be a lot of opportunities to talk to your peers. The time between talks is as important as the talks themselves. So bring your ideas and questions along and join the conversation!

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Forum Groningen is a cultural living and futuristic environment. A place where artists, creative people, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can meet. A perfect spot for AIGrunn! It is a 10-minute walk from the central train station and in the heart of the city.

Code of Conduct

We expect everyone to behave with common decency and we expect that everyone is treated with equal respect. AIGrunn staff will take any measures necessary to uphold these golden rules of life.



aiGrunn is made possible through the efforts of volunteers, speakers and participants, but also by the financial support of a growing number of sponsors. With your contribution aiGrunn will become the largest and most influencial AI Conference in the Northern Netherlands.

We have a great track record in organizing PyGrunn, with more than 400 participants and international speakers, for one entire day. Now it’s time for Groningen to call itself the AI capital of the Netherlands. Your contribution would give the conference a solid financial base in order to achieve everything mentioned above.


Keep the ticket prices low


Provide a decent venue


Reimburse the costs of our speakers


Provide good food and drinks


Record talks for those at home


Create great merchandise



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Same as Bronze, with the following addition:

  • Vacancy flyer on centrally placed table
  • Option to distribute goodies at the event
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Same as Silver, with the following addition:

  • Dedicated (table) space at the event
  • Introduction section about you on the aiGrunn website
  • +2 admission tickets

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aiGrunn is a unique opportunity to inform, inspire and impress your peers. And sharing is caring! So if you would like to present at aiGrunn fill out this request for proposals (RFP).

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